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When you get the Life Insurance Quote Results, you will be able to see the various Canadian Life Insurance Companies and the prices they charge. You may have a favorite company in mind that you want to be insured with, you may not care… or you may be a bit confused about the many different options. That’s when it’s time to talk to us at Insurance Shoppers Canada.

From experience we know which companies are easier and better to deal with and which ones give the best policies even when the fine print is examined. Our recommendation will depend on your personal circumstances such as your age, your gender, the type of term or policy etc.

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Here are some reasons why you should chose Insurance Shoppers to be your broker of choice:

  • Completely un-biased and independent which means even though we are contracted with most of Canadian Life Insurance companies, we do not work for any of them.
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  • We understand that price is not always the main issue when choosing a policy, and we can educate you on which Life Insurance companies in Canada offer additional values at no cost, such as free Critical Illness add- ons for your family, or free scholarship plans for your kids, or free extreme disability riders etc.
  • Sometimes you need someone who can think “outside of the box”. Let’s face it, not everyone fits in the cookie cutter mold, perhaps you have some particular needs, maybe some health issues, maybe you’ve been turned down for life insurance before. We know every angle to squeeze out the most out of a Life insurance company for you.
  • We are very flexible and easy to deal with, and we can accommodate you, no matter what your needs are.
  • Our streamlined online quote and application process makes it super easy to apply for coverage, no time wasted with 2 hour visits by some life insurance agent.

Note about commissions: Commissions are paid to us by the Insurer of your choice. We do not charge any fees.We are currently licensed in Ontario, but do have alliances with Brokers outside the province.